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We have other fantasy and horror-tinged stories in this issue. But our magazine also promises science fiction, and we deliver that as well.


Juliette Wade has been exploring similar issues with stories set in her Allied Systems universe. Schrock is a Ph. Every issue features one story that we also offer for free download online, via our free electronic digest for Kindle. Science fiction has a rich tradition of stories told from alien points-of-view.

With this new story, Dorie returns to that unnamed planet and offers us another perspective on the recent human arrivals. Usually we start with a story we love and commission a cover for it, but when Bob Eggleton sent us the Martian landscape that adorns this issue, we snatched up the illustration and went looking for stories to match.

His novel The Martian Race and its sequel The Sunborn , were about the first team of scientists-explorers to visit the fourth planet.

The 25 best sci-fi movies in this – or any other – galaxy

The issue also includes a generous helping of fantasy, set on other worlds and our own. She tells us that it began when she imagined a knife so sharp it would cut through anything humans could create. Lily Yu, who dedicates it in part to Jay Lake. Lake was one of the most prolific and promising young writers of the decade that stretched from , when he won the John W.

Like Lake, Yu is a winner of the John W.

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Campbell Award, taking home the trophy in Charles de Lint reviews Mr. A few months ago, I was at a retirement party for a newspaper editor and the subject of publishing material online for free came up. That comment has been echoing in my head a lot lately. I explained that it was no longer on our Website but he could buy a copy of that back issue from us or from Fictionwise.

As I did so, I realized that I was putting a reader in a position where he had to decide if he would pay for something he could have had for free just a few days earlier.

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So I started to wonder: has short fiction been devalued by the fact that so many places offer it for free online nowadays? I was thinking of this question in terms of contrast with trilogies. I look at trilogies and the form appears to me to be thriving. I think short fiction giveaways have been good for individual authors, but are they working for publishers? Designed by Rodger Turner and Hosted by:.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - Wikipedia

Finlay July 1, 2 Comments. Finlay May 2, Leave a Comment. Finlay March 1, 1 Comment. Do we start with The Castle of Otranto , the first Gothic novel, which opened the door for such books as Dracula and Frankenstein? But if we really want to know when the most populist, mass-market horror and fantasy began—the kind that inspired television shows from the Twilight Zone to the X-Files to Supernatural to The Walking Dead —we need to start with H.

Lovecraft , and with the pulpy magazine that published his bizarre stories, Weird Tales. Moore, Robert Bloch, and Robert E. Howard creator of Conan the Barbarian. Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , September — September Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , October — October Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , January — January Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , March — March The Tomb — January The Terrible Old Man — August Yule Horror — December The White Ship — March The Tree — August The City — July Fans of early pulp horror and fantasy—--or grad students writing their thesis on the evolution of genre fictioncan view and download dozens of issues of Weird Tales , from the 20s to the 50s, at the links below:.

Finally, head over to Melt for more scans of Weird Tales' lurid covers, like those you see here. And to learn much more about the history of the magazine, you may wish to beg, borrow, or steal a copy of the pricy collection of essays, The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy and Horror.

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